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News Roundup: Construction booming in Moncton

By Rob Blackstien   

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Construction seems to be on the rise in several communities across the country.

Let’s take a look at some recent news in the Canadian construction industry.


(Image by RL)

The Walmart distribution centre in Moncton that broke ground in August is just one of several major projects planned during a major current spike in the city’s construction activity.

Similarly, the Municipality of Centre Hastings, Ont. is also experiencing a building boom, thanks mostly to new housing.


Surrey, B.C. is among the nation’s fastest growing communities, but are infrastructure and public amenities keeping pace with construction?

Still in B.C., completion of the $54 Kennedy Lake improvement project — originally projected to be finished in the summer of 2020 — has now been pushed back until next Fall.

The Kennedy Lake project has been delayed again. (Susan Quinn/Alberni Valley News)

The new Capstan Canada Line station in Richmond, B.C. is scheduled to open in March 2023. Check out the video below to see what it will look like.



The Alberta government introduced a new bill this week designed to improve accountability and the equality regarding the funding of provincial infrastructure projects.

Speaking of infrastructure spending, Saskatoon poured around $65 million into road, water main and sidewalk projects during the 2021 construction season.

Bird Construction, seeking to take advantage of more opportunities in the wastewater energy transfer (WET) sector, has formed an alliance with Noventa Energy Partners, the exclusive distributor of the Huber ThermWin System in Canada and the U.S.

Noventa also made news last week when a job it’s working at Toronto Western Hospital — the world’s largest raw WET project — received a $19.3-million investment from the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

Meanwhile, here’s a few construction-related items that caught our eye on social media…

Clark Builders is making diversity and inclusion a priority in its business…




Condrain Construction has reached into its archives to honour its rich history…



Finally, kudos to Aecon for winning an award for safety…




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