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New group encourages use of recycled aggregates

By Andrew Snook   

Asphalt Concrete Construction Demolition

Increased use of recycled aggregates is the focus of a new Ontario-based group. Aggregate Recycling Ontario (ARO) recently launched its campaign in an effort to remove large amounts of concrete and asphalt from demolition sites and road construction projects.
The ARO was formed by the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, and the Toronto and Area Road Builders Association. Its membership currently includes 17 companies and seven associations that produce and use recycled aggregates.
Adrian Van Niekerk, chair of the ARO, recently stated that there is “an immediate crisis in the GTA surrounding recycled aggregate,” stating that recycling yards are reaching maximum capacity levels and are being forced to close their doors to additional material. He said this was due to a lack of recycled material leaving facilities to be used in new construction.
The ARO recently stated there is almost three million tonnes of recyclable concrete, asphalt and aggregate waiting to be processed; and if they are processed properly, the aggregates will meet all performance requirements and offer a suitable alternative to primary aggregates.
For more information, visit: www.aggregaterecyclingontario.ca 


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