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Mimico Waterfront Park opens in Etobicoke


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Waterfront Toronto, Toronto and Region Conservation and all three levels of government have opened the second and final phase of the Mimico Waterfront Park.

Located on the shore of Lake Ontario in Etobicoke, the Mimico Waterfront Park now has 1.1 km of continuous waterfront park and connects the public to the water across a lakefront area.

The final phase of the park transformed the shoreline with an additional 500 metres of park space. It also provided the missing link in the city’s waterfront trail system. The first 600-metre western portion of the park was opened in 2008.

The budget for park was $18.2 million, with $6.5 million contributed by the City of Toronto, $6.2 million from the province of Ontario and $5.5 million by the Government of Canada.


Mark Wilson, chairman of Waterfront Toronto, said the park has delivered much needed waterfront public space and will act as an economic catalyst to attract investment to the area. “Waterfront revitalization is about connecting the people of Toronto to their waterfront and leveraging our investment in parks and public spaces to deliver key economic and social benefits.”

The park is a culmination of an extensive public consultation process that began in 1999, added Gerri Lynn O’Connor, chairwoman of Toronto and Region Conservation. “The park…reflects the vision of the community that will enjoy it for years to come.  Toronto and Region Conservation is extremely proud to have partnered with Waterfront Toronto to make this vision a reality.”


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