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Manitoba proposing to bypass 2015 codes

By Adam Freill   

Construction Health & Safety

Jump to 2020 National Model Building, Plumbing, Fire and Energy Codes would bring province under the most current building codes faster.

The Manitoba government is seeking final public and industry feedback on plans to adopt the 2020 model building codes earlier than mandated. The proposal to skip the 2015 editions and adopt the 2020 editions would impact the building, plumbing, fire and energy codes.

“The 2020 national model codes are key to Manitoba industry and affect a number of businesses, particularly in the areas of accessibility and energy efficiency,” said the province’s labour and immigration minister, Jon Reyes. “These codes affect the province’s trade relations, industry costs and economic competitiveness, so our government is working hard to consult with Manitobans to ensure we are reflecting the best interests of industry.”

Commitments under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement require that the Manitoba Building Code, Manitoba Plumbing Code, Manitoba Energy Code and Manitoba Fire Code are updated regularly to ensure compliance with the latest health and safety standards. Bypassing the 2015 edition would bring Manitoba under the most current building codes faster, in line with other provinces.

Updating the codes earlier than mandated and providing sufficient notice of an early 2024 adoption will give industry time to gain familiarity with the new codes and will be an important step forward in harmonizing codes with other provinces, the minister said.


The proposed plan is to have the 2020 model codes come into effect for industry in early 2024.

Proposed amendments to Manitoba’s construction codes will be posted for consultation until June 26. Feedback can be provided at https://reg.gov.mb.ca/home.




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