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Man arrested after Bobcat stolen from construction site slams into Toronto home

By On-Site Staff   


TORONTO—Toronto police have arrested a man after a stolen piece of construction equipment crashed into a home on Toronto’s east end Feb. 9.

The Bobcat loader, which was originally misidentified as a bulldozer, slammed into the house at Danforth and Macey avenues early Saturday afternoon, leaving a sizeable hole in an exterior wall. Police said no one inside the house was injured, though local media reported the home was occupied at the time.

Two men were reported to have fled the scene in the Bobcat.

Several hours later, police said they had located the piece of equipment as well as the alleged driver, who they said was likely intoxicated at the time of the incident. The man was taken into custody and transported to hospital to treat minor injuries sustained during the earlier collision.


The Bobcat had been stolen from a nearby construction site, police said.


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