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Editorial: Looking Ahead

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Days are short, temperatures are low and eggnog is suddenly available everywhere. I think it’s safe to say: 2013 is officially winding down.

It has been a pretty solid year for the Canadian construction industry. Large infrastructure projects have been key drivers for the sector. According to Jim Barnes’ much anticipated 2014 Construction Forecast we can expect infrastructure to lead the balance sheets again next year as well.

Where major projects in 2013 involved mainly institutional buildings that focus will begin to shift towards transit, pipeline and power generation in 2014. (For more on what to expect in the New Year, flip to page 18 for the complete forecast.)

In the publishing industry, we always work a couple months ahead, trying to predict what will be timely and interesting when the next issue hits your desk. This has rarely been more evident than in this particular issue of On-Site. Beyond the Construction Forecast, we also have truck guru Bill Roebuck’s 2014 Pickup Truck Review (page 23) and our annual World of Concrete Preview (page 42).


Skills shortages, foreign competition and the development of new project delivery models are keeping contractors on their toes, but there’s a lot of excitement about the strength and vitality of Canada’s construction sector heading into the New Year.

Although we have spent a lot of energy in this issue looking ahead, I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to thank the many people that made it possible for us to put this magazine out month after month in 2013.

As the very nature of journalism evolves to a multimedia platform, we have added online news, e-newsletters, videos and social media to our regular lineup of editorial tools. As such, we are more and more reliant on our industry partners to help us find, report and develop relevant articles, reports and news that helps you, the reader, stay informed, learn about the latest equipment and technologies—and ultimately grow your businesses.

You have no doubt heard that famous saying: “It takes a village…” Well the same is true for a construction journal. It takes the input of an entire industry to publish a relevant and timely construction magazine.

We are fortunate to have a host of industry leaders, construction associations and readers that regularly lend their voices to the pages of On-Site. For that, our whole team is eternally thankful.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays! 


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