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Hoelscher Dewatering Inc. expands services in Ontario

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TORONTO – With Infrastructure in Ontario growing at an unprecedented rate, and recent amendments by the City of Toronto making the permit process even more onerous, Hoelscher Dewatering Inc., a Mississauga-based contractor specializing in groundwater management, announced that it has expanded its services to help developers navigate the stringent new approval process.

In December 2016, The City of Toronto changed its guidelines for issuing Discharge Permits for Private Water (e.g. groundwater, surface water etc.), now requiring applicants to provide information eight to 12 weeks prior to the proposed project start date. Sewer discharge permits/agreements are issued by the Environmental Monitoring & Protection Unit of Toronto Water. These permits/agreements are required when water not purchased from the City is discharged into the City sewer system. If construction debris or construction wastewater from a construction site gets into the storm sewer, the company may be fined or charged under the Sewers Bylaw (Municipal Code Chapter 681-Sewers).

As an international contractor specializing in groundwater management, German-based Hoelscher Wasserbau expanded into the Ontario market in the fall of 2016 to help offset the growing demand for groundwater removal at a time when billions of dollars were being invested in new high rise and mass transit construction. Hoelscher Dewatering not only tackles the groundwater management needs of large scale construction projects, but helps navigate the complex approval processes to ensure an end-to-end solution for clients that is smooth, on time and on budget.

“This is a heavily regulated industry,” said Tim Roeder, director, Hoelscher Dewatering, Germany. “Part of Hoelscher Dewatering’s mass appeal is that we know the business inside and out, both from a local standpoint and internationally…”


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