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Hydrogen engines to build a niche by 2035

By Adam Freill   

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Ability to deliver performance similar to diesel engine options expected to help find the technology a niche.

According to a recent research report by market research firm Interact Analysis, more than 220,000 vehicles with hydrogen internal combustion engines are forecast to be sold 2035. The majority of the engines are expected to land in trucks and off-road machinery, including equipment used in the construction sector.

While still only expected to be a small proportion of total engine sales, and not expected to reach the sales levels of diesel and electric options, the ability to refuel quickly and deliver performance similar to diesel options, minus the use of fossil fuel, is expected to help find the technology a niche.

Cost of ownership and lack of hydrogen infrastructure for refuelling are seen as drawbacks to the technology, but Jamie Fox, principal analyst at Interact Analysis, explains that the technology may appeal to companies looking for diesel alternatives, possibly due to environmental or legislative reasons, but whose work is in locations that are not conducive to the use of battery-powered equipment.





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