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Hot mix association forms task force to address pavement issues

March 27, 2015   By STAFF REPORT
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Since its formation in 1974, the Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association (OHMPA) has recognized and supported the need to continually improve the performance of pavements in Ontario. In recent months, the association has become acutely aware of some hot mix asphalt performance problems that are in need of attention immediately.

Specifically, both provincial and municipal road owners as well as OHMPA members have expressed serious concerns with pre-mature cracking. In response to these concerns, OHMPA has formed the Quality of Asphalt Pavement Task Force. Made up of some of the most highly regarded industry experts from across the province, the group’s singular goal is to review and investigate the main factors impacting pavement quality in Ontario and to make recommendations to road owners, asphalt producers and road builders that will help to ensure good quality, long lasting pavements.

The Quality of Asphalt Pavement Task Force is composed of a formidable group of asphalt practitioners representing all facets of the industry including producers, contractors, consultants, asphalt cement suppliers and academics. Although only formed in early 2015, the group has already met twice with a third meeting scheduled very soon and has determined that the problems currently facing Ontario’s roads are diverse and varying with an equally diverse list of possible causes.

The Task Force has identified three high-priority issues that will be reviewed in a comprehensive manner. Solutions will be pursued to ensure that HMA pavements perform to meet the expectations of road owners. These most urgent factors include: asphalt cement quality and related specifications; the responsible use of RAP; and the asphalt cement content of the mixes being produced.


Members of the task force are Bruce Armstrong (Canadian Asphalt), Vince Aurilio (DBA Engineering), Hassan Baaj (University of Waterloo), Salman Bhutta (Engtec Consulting), Jim Karageorgos (Steed and Evans), Fernando Magisano (K.J. Beamish), Steve Manolis (Coco Asphalt Engineering), Kevin Martin (Fermar Paving), Murray Ritchie (The Murray Group), and Ludomir Uzarowski (Golder Associates). The group will be chaired by Vince Aurilio backed up by incoming OHMPA President Steve Smith of the Miller Group who will act as vice-chair. The efforts of the task force will be further supported by OHMPA’s technical director Sandy Brown and its executive director Doug Duke.

The findings and recommendations of the Quality of Asphalt Pavement Task Force will be published on the OHMPA website in the coming weeks and months. 

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  1. Henry Dunbar says:

    i was reading about The Quality of Asphalt Pavement Task Force that has been formed. I was told once the Germany has developed asphalt that’s a bit different from what we normally use in Canada, and my recollection of the discussion was that theirs was supposedly better. I live in Prince George, BC, where our potholes and asphalt break down is legendary. I commend you in your research and just thought it might be wise to look farther afield at other possible ideas. it was the AMIR compactor that got my attention – hope that proves out to be a helpful improvement that will affect many regions for better roads.

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