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Happy National Construction Day

By Rob Blackstien   


Let's celebrate the industry and all its achievements.

Wednesday November 3 marked National Construction Day in Canada, so On-Site thought we’d simply let the industry speak for itself. Here are some of the highlights we found on social media to mark the occasion.

True to its mission, 4S Consulting had construction workers’ safety on its mind:



What says Canada more than hockey? And what says hockey more than Gordie Howe? With this in mind, Aecon celebrated the day with some images from its bridge project that’s named after one of the all-time greats:



General Excavating suggested the day was a good occasion to thank construction workers:



Great Canadian Solar used the opportunity to laud its construction crew:


The Ontario General Contractors Association tipped its hard hat to all the dedicated, hard-working construction personnel across the province.



MOD Developments acknowledged that it couldn’t built a better future without the help of construction workers:



As Texcan Canada points out, where would we be without the workers that build and maintain our infrastructure?



Ottawa firm RSR Lawyers reminds us that construction workers that have worked through COVID-19 are owed a debt of gratitude.



Small business tax specialist FBC notes that 7.5 per cent of the nation’s workforce is made up of construction employees.



Global eTraining pulled out a great GIF to help celebrate the day (who cares if it’s actually an ad for Cheetos?):




And, finally, Wolseley Canada is celebrating by running a contest!



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