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Habitat for Humanity homes built at PCL facility


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Two low-income Niagara families are getting ready to become new homeowners thanks to a joint partnership between Habitat for Humanity and PCL Constructors Canada Inc., and the help of more than 100 volunteers.

The first half of the project––building the two-unit semi-detached home in 14 modules at PCL’s modular construction facility in Mississauga, and excavating a site in St.Catherines for the foundation––has been completed after eight weeks.

The modules, four to form the ground floor, four for the roof and six for the second level, will be transported in 15 road haul trucks to the site on May 6.

The semi-detached home will be put together the next day using a DEMG 190-ton road crane.


Once everything is in place and the wall and floor joints have been seamed, volunteers will help with siding, flooring, painting, finishes and landscaping over the next eight weeks.

The completed project is expected to be done by the end of June and the goal is to have both families––the Adens and the Melnyks­­––in their new homes shortly after.

The families are buying the homes as part of Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program, which takes into account their incomes and includes no money down payment on their mortgage.

 “It is amazing––a dream that is finally coming true for our whole family,” said Abdiaziz Aden, on behalf of his wife Bilad Warsame and their five young children, in a media release.

The Somalian family became permanent Canadian residents after spending some time in the United States. They have been living in public housing, which has taken a toll on their children who all suffer from asthma.

“We would not be able to own a home if it wasn’t for Habitat for Humanity,” he said.

As part of Habitat’s Sweat Equity requirement, each family has to complete 500 hours of volunteer work in the community.

Single mother Sonia Melnyk and her two children aged 8 and 11 currently live in a small apartment on a busy street in St. Catherines. She said her family feels truly blessed they were chosen for this amazing opportunity.

“I have tried to make a home out of our current residence, but have run into obstacles along the way,” she said. “ I continue to try and instill in my children that in any circumstance you can find the positive and keep on smiling.”

The homes are being assembled on May 7 in St. Catherines from 9 to 10 a.m. at 40 Tasker St.

For videos of the module set sequence and a virtual tour of the homes check out http://www.youtube.com/user/PCLConstructionVids.

For more information the partnership between PCL and Habitat for Humanity visit www.pcl.com/News-And-Media/News-Releases/Pages/PCL-Employees-Set-to-Build-New-Life-for-Two-Niagara-Region-Families.aspx.


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