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First anniversary of construction on new Champlain Bridge

By Corinne Lynds   

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1003690570-1003690652The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, was at the New Champlain Bridge construction site’s west jetty location today to mark the first anniversary of the start of work on this iconic structure, which will transform Montreal’s urban landscape and add a unique landmark to the city.

In addition to ensuring the safety of users, the new Champlain Bridge Corridor project will create thousands of jobs in Greater Montreal and foster economic growth across Canada by improving connections across road systems and ensuring the continuous and safe flow of people and goods.

“What strikes me every time I visit this project is the human ingenuity at work! This new bridge will have a significant impact on the lives of Montrealers and be a new point of pride for their city. In addition to ensuring the safety of users from Montreal and elsewhere, it will create thousands of jobs and foster economic growth across Canada,” said Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

Signature on the Saint Lawrence, the project’s private partner, began construction on the project just over one year ago. It will very soon begin the placement in the river of the first permanent footings of the new Champlain bridge. This is a delicate and important step that is key to the project’s success.


With the project proceeding on schedule, the Government of Canada is on track to open the new toll-free Champlain Bridge by December 2018.

Infrastructure Canada continues to work closely with provincial and municipal partners, while also taking part in public information sessions and meeting with neighbourhood committees put in place by the SSL to inform citizens of the project’s progress and listen to their concerns.

“Bringing together ingenuity, sustainable transportation and an iconic architectural design, the new Champlain Bridge is proving to be an infrastructure of high quality, Signature on the St. Lawrence has masterfully managed this enormous construction site and the City of Brossard will continue to work in close cooperation with this consortium towards the completion of this promising project,” said Mayor of Brossard, Paul Leduc.


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