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Government awards technical contract for St. Lawrence bridge


Construction Skills Development

LVM Inc. will carry out geotechnical studies and provide laboratory services connected to the new bridge being built for the St. Lawrence River. Announced by the Canadian government this week, the contract includes:

  • Boring in soils and rock.
  • Investigating the quality and properties of materials at the approaches to the new bridge and along existing roadways.
  • Laboratory tests of samples taken from the site to evaluate the mechanical properties of the rock and soils, and to determine the environmental quality of the soils, sediments and groundwater.
  • Geophysical investigations to identify geological features, and other laboratory services.

Transport Canada said this work will advance project development, planning and serve as important input to the final design of the new bridge.

The new bridge corridor will replace the existing Champlain Bridge in Montreal, which connects the Island of Montreal to the south shore.

With more than $20 billion in international trade crossing it each year, the Champlain bridge is Canada’s busiest.


For more information about the St. Lawrence bridge project visit www.tc.gc.ca/nbfsl


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