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Funding approved for Canadian construction research institute


Construction Skills Development

The Canadian Construction Association’s board of directors has approved financial support for the start up of a construction industry research institute.

The institute, Canadian Construction Innovations (CCInnovations), will represent all sectors of the Canadian construction industry such as contractors, suppliers, allied service professionals and project owners.

A board of directors will oversee CCInnovations and be responsible for its strategic direction and overall activities. It will establish networks in support of industry priorities set by CCInnovations, and universities, colleges, research laboratories and funding partners will be identified to collaborate in a number of areas.

Don Whitmore, chairman of the CCInnovations’ steering committee, said research and innovation in the construction industry has traditionally been fragmented and incremental at best. The value of CCInnovations will be twofold, he said.


“For larger companies, it frees up time and opportunity to focus on additional innovation imperatives. For smaller companies, it provides the opportunity to advance knowledge while strengthening their expertise to work with larger firms on the complex projects that the construction industry is anticipating. The industry as a whole moves forward and builds a stronger future for the entire Canadian economy.”


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