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Energy East Pipeline failure major loss for Canada

October 6, 2017   By PCA
Let's build it
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Edmonton – TransCanada’s decision to cancel the Energy East pipeline project is a stark reminder of a regulatory system that no longer serves the national interests of Canadians, according to the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA).

“This is yet another example of Canada’s failure to approve major infrastructure projects even though the benefits to Canadians, communities, the economy and our skilled workforce are undeniable,” said Paul de Jong, President of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA). “Canadians have just lost out on thousands of jobs from coast to coast, billions in GDP and tax revenues, and there’s no good reason for it.”

The project would have served as a means of boosting Canada’s oil and gas exports and easing reliance on foreign oil supplies.

“Energy East was a prime example of a milestone project that benefited us all,” said de Jong. “Now it’s symbolic of a system that’s breaking down our national resolve to build those major infrastructure projects that Canada’s economy, prosperity and competitiveness depend on.”


Last year PCA launched the Let’s Build It Campaign to help get some of Canada’s largest and most important energy and infrastructure projects built.

For more about “Let’s build it” visit: www.pcac.ca/action



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1 Comment » for Energy East Pipeline failure major loss for Canada
  1. Todd Herniman says:

    We just lost 12000 jobs with Sears Canada. This pipeline is another example of weak Canadian politics. We have no refineries so we have to buy are own oil back from the U.S. I am in the contract glazing industry. Look around and you will see all the glass on commercial buildings. This is a huge industry that most people know nothing about. All plate glass except one company is all made in the U.S. Sealed unit manufactures in Canada buy 90 percent of there plate glass from the U.S. All aluminum is smelted in the U.S. Most aluminum extrusion companies are in the U.S.

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