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CRH Canada’s Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry certified as socially, environmentally responsible

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The Cornerstone Standard’s Council (CSC) has officially recognized CRH Canada’s Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry as the first quarry in the world to receive certification as a supplier of responsibly sourced stone, sand and gravel.

“CRH Canada and Dufferin Aggregates are extremely proud that our Acton Quarry has been officially recognized as the world’s first certified aggregate site, and hope that this achievement will be a catalyst for the industry,” said Baudouin Nizet, President & CEO, CRH Canada Group Inc.

“This certification is a testament to our commitment to address the demand for aggregates that consider community and environmental needs. Now any purchaser of aggregates, be it the public or the private sector, will have the confidence in knowing that they are buying responsibly sourced building materials,” Baudouin added.

World's first socially and environmentally responsible quarry certification awarded to CRH Canada's Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry

World’s first socially and environmentally responsible quarry certification awarded to CRH Canada’s Dufferin Aggregates Acton Quarry

In January 2015, CSC released its Responsible Aggregates Standard,  providing the parameters by which an aggregate quarry could achieve certification in Ontario.  CRH Canada and Dufferin Aggregates have a long-standing and well-established commitment to the communities in which they operate and to being stewards of the natural environment.  To be officially certified and recognized for these efforts and to have product labeled as CSC certified is an important opportunity for the company.


The standards include voluntary requirements for pits and quarries that meet the community’s social and environmental expectations by:

  • Protecting Ontario’s most important natural areas
  • Identifying and addressing potentially adverse environmental impacts
  • Engaging with local communities and Aboriginal groups before extraction is licensed and throughout the lifecycle of operations
  • Communicating progress towards final extraction with the community
  • Developing final rehabilitation plans that incorporate community interests.

“This certificate speaks to the relationship between CRH Canada and the Town of Halton Hills,” said Rick Bonnette, Mayor of Halton Hills. “By following CSC’s Standards and working proactively to address environmental and social impacts, the Acton Quarry has been able to incorporate sustainability principles into its ongoing operations and after use. This has been a key component of the recent approval for expansion of the quarry.”

“Aggregates, such as cement, are the building blocks of our roads and buildings. But there is a tension between our need for these products, the views of communities adjacent to these operations, and the need to protect farmland and the environment.  For the first time, a pathway exists for those building blocks to be sustainably sourced,” says Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence. “CSC certification can improve industry practices, reduce conflict and generate a market for sustainable products. CRH Canada should be congratulated for being the first operation to certify and for forging a new path that other aggregate operations can follow.”

CRH Canada Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete and provides construction services to many of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects. With over 3,000 employees, CRH Canada has a portfolio of brands including Dufferin in Ontario and Demix in Quebec.  The company, which operates across Canada and the Northwest U.S., is a Canadian subsidiary of CRH plc, one of the top three international building products companies in the world, with headquarters in Ireland.



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