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Cornwall opens bids for Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

By Andrew Snook   

Construction Infrastructure

The City of Cornwall opened the bids it received for the Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant Project on March 8.
City staff stated they were happy that the five bids they received were below the project’s estimated costs.

Norm Levac, general manager of Infrastructure and Municipal Works, said the bids could have ranged as high as $54 million, but all of them came in under $52 million, including HST. He said the city’s staff is currently reviewing all the bids for completeness. Bids were received from the following companies:
– Graham Construction and Engineering  ($49,201,696.12)
– Maple Reindeers Constructors Ltd. ($49,349,613.00)
– Pomerleau Inc. ($49,861,761.89)
– North America Construction (1993) Ltd. ($50,223,725.00)
– Bondfield Construction Company Limited ($51,468,476.12)
Final tender awarding is expected to be in front of city council before the end of March 2012.

The project will upgrade the Cornwall Wastewater Treatment Plant to secondary treatment, which will include expanding the facility with various additions, including biological aerated filter technology.

The project has a budget of $55.5 million, with the Province of Ontario and Government of Canada each contributing $18.5 million. The City of Cornwall will fund the remainder of the project. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2011.


J.L. Richards and Associates are the designers for the project and Ontario Clean Water Agency are the project managers. City council appointed both companies to their roles in 2011.


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