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Corktown Common park invigorates Toronto waterfront


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An 18-acre park that is part of the waterfront revitalization project in downtown Toronto has opened to the public.

Corktown Commons is now the largest park in the eastern area of the city’s downtown core. Built on an abandoned industrial site, the park sits atop the area’s flood protection landform, which protects more than 500 acres of downtown Toronto from flooding.

Corktown Common offers a splash pad, athletic field, a large central lawn, playgrounds, tables, benches, barbeques and more. The park has a sustainable pavilion at the play hill, which contains washrooms, utility space and stormwater management equipment. The pavilion has solar panels to supplement onsite power needs.

With more than 700 trees and thousands of shrubs, groundcovers and aquatic plants, Corktown Common is also a diversely planted habitat. The park has been a catalyst for neighbourhood regeneration and economic development.



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