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Construction-related federal budget highlights

March 23, 2016   By On-Site Magazine
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infrastructure investmentHere is a brief summary of some of the construction-sector related items in the 2016 federal budget. This is compilation from a number of different industry and online sources:

  • $60 billion plus in new federal infrastructure investments in two phases, while accelerating portions of the existing Building Canada Fund.
  • commits unused portions of the previous Building Canada Fund to the Gas Tax Fund over the next two years.
  • $3.4 billion in investments for federal infrastructure assets
  • $2 billion over three years starting this fiscal year for a new post-secondary institution investment fund.
  • $3.4 billion over 3 years to upgrade and improve public transit systems across Canada;
  • $5 billion over 5 years for investments in water, wastewater and green infrastructure projects across Canada; and
  • $3.4 billion over 5 years for social infrastructure spending on social housing, early learning and child care, cultural and recreational infrastructure, and community care facilities.
  • $125 million in 2016-17 for Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDA) and an additional $50 million in 2016-17 for Canada Job Fund Agreements.
  • $2.24 billion over five years to improve on reserve water and wastewater infrastructure and waste management.
  • $255 million over two years to the First Nations Infrastructure Fund to support investments such as roads, bridges, energy systems and physical infrastructure to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.
  • expanding access to EI for new entrants, reducing wait times for receiving EI, simplifying job search requirements, and extending EI regular benefits in certain areas.
  • proposed$85.4 million over five years that is designated to support union-based apprenticeship training.


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