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Construction employment up in December

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According to a recent Statistics Canada report, construction employment increased by 17,800 (up 1.4 per cent) in December, when compared to the previous month, but was relatively unchanged compared to 12-monts earlier.

Over the 12-moth period, employment in the sector increased by 12,000 (0.9 per cent).

Overall employment across Canada was up 39,800 in December, when compared to previous month. The unemployment rate fell 0.1 per cent to its lowest in four years at 7.1 per cent.

The transportation and warehousing sector experienced the largest employment gains for the month, up 22,000.


Across the provinces, Ontario experienced the largest increase in employment in December, up 33,000; followed by Manitoba (up 5,000) and Saskatchewan (up 4,000).

Over the 12-month period, Canada’s employment increased 1.8 per cent or approximately 312,000, with the highest growth rates taking place in educational services (up 8.5 per cent); finance, insurance, real estate and leasing (up 6.4 per cent); business, building and support services (up 5.5 per cent); manufacturing (up 3.1 per cent) and health care and social assistance (up 2.9 per cent).

To read the full report, click here.

Source: Statistics Canada.


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