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Mega projects will keep demand for construction workers high in 2014

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December 18, 2013 by STAFF REPORT

Major energy, resource, infrastructure and commercial projects, as well as a significant number of retiring workers, will increase the demand for skilled trades across Canada in 2014, according to BTY Group’s annual Market Intelligence Report on construction costs. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the report’s findings by region:

  • In Ontario, strong mining investment in the north and renewed horizontal and vertical infrastructure spending and sustained commercial construction in the Greater Toronto Area will keep workloads stable.
  • Oilsands investment, flood reconstruction, record high in-migration and a commercial building boom will help sustain Alberta’s robust construction activity.
  • Continuing investment in transportation and healthcare infrastructure and multi-billion-dollar mining and energy projects will help Quebec regain momentum.
  • Sustained investment in resource and energy development and continued high levels of in-migration will see Saskatchewan keep its place as a growth leader.
  • Strong shipbuilding and commercial construction will keep B.C. humming as massive LNG and hydro projects get underway and propel the province to solid long-term growth.                

To read the full report visit www.bty.com.