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City Infrastructure Improvements Underway via Toronto Port Authority’s Airport Pedestrian Tunnel Project

By Staff Report   

Construction Infrastructure

Construction is set to start next week on the final two of seven support tunnels on the pedestrian tunnel project at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Part of this construction will include a new City water main and the replacement of existing sewage mains, providing the City of Toronto with much needed new civic infrastructure improvements.

The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) and the City of Toronto have been working closely on these infrastructure improvements, which will save Toronto tax payers an estimated $10 million. This collaboration also allows the city to avoid costly duplication in construction and disruption in the neighbourhood.

“These infrastructure improvements will have direct benefits to Toronto Island’s many visitors and permanent residents,” says TPA director of communications Pamela McDonald. “Our alliance with the City of Toronto provides savings to taxpayers while updating a vital component of the city’s water and sewer infrastructure that had yet to proceed until the TPA launched its privately-funded tunnel project.”

The new City water and sewage mains will provide reliable water services to the Toronto Islands and replace existing pipes that date back to the 1930’s. These mains will also be connected to existing networks at each side of the Western Channel.


The Toronto Port Authority, owner and operator of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is building a state of the art pedestrian tunnel that, when completed in mid-2014, will link the popular Airport to the mainland. This tunnel will be an important, new gateway to the City providing a reliable, efficient and convenient access route for the airport’s two million-plus passengers to Toronto’s downtown airport.


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