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CCPPP announces 20th annual national awards recipients


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CAMH’s new Complex Care & Recovery Building as seen from Shaw Street and Queen Street West (Architectural concept drawing). (CNW Group/Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) presented the CCPPP National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships at its 25th annual conference in Toronto on November 6.

“We were impressed and pleased with not only the range of projects but the high quality of the submissions for the 20th Annual National Awards,” said CCPPP Awards committee chair Cliff Inskip “We have remarkable projects all across the country and we received submissions from all regions including Northern Canada.”

“The Council’s Awards program highlights the exceptional leadership and innovative thinking that distinguishes the Canadian P3 model as globally best-in-class,” says Mark Romoff, president and CEO of CCPPP. “We are proud to honour this world class work and acknowledge and celebrate their success. Congratulations to this year’s recipients.”

The Gold Award for Infrastructure was awarded to The Iqaluit International Airport Project

The Awards Committee noted this project is “an outstanding demonstration of how vital infrastructure in Northern Canada can be successfully delivered in a public-private partnership.” In addition, Committee members took particular note of the project proponent’s extensive and effective community engagement and the resulting incorporation of unique local considerations in the planning, design, construction and operations of this airport facility, including the reflection of cultural values.


The Gold Award for Service Delivery was awarded to Canada Line

Adjudicators in this category were impressed that The Canada Line P3 Rapid Transit project in Vancouver “continues to be a superlative success story after eight years of operation.” Initially delivered ahead of schedule and on budget for the 2010 Olympics, its usage level is far ahead of expectations, system service delivery performance meets and exceeds requirements, and it has been a major catalyst of economic activity.

The Silver Award for Infrastructure was awarded to Calgary Composting Facility

In addition to being the first composting facility to be delivered under the P3 model in Canada, the Calgary Composting Facility is also the largest of its kind in North America. The Awards Committee noted: “The DBF-OM delivery model and solution adopted is directly relevant to many Canadian municipalities seeking environmentally friendly and sustainable treatment of food and yard waste while reducing pressure on landfill facilities.”

The Silver Award for Project Development has been awarded to the City of Saint John – Safe Clean Drinking Water Project

The City of Saint John – Safe Clean Drinking Water Project is a perfect example of applying a P3 procurement model to allow municipal governments to replace aging critical water infrastructure in their cities and towns is a more timely, integrated and comprehensive manner. The Awards Committee made particular note of “the approach that Saint John took with this project to customize P3 concepts to address complex greenfield and brownfield developments that other municipalities can use as a model to modernize water treatment and distribution systems to ensure they deliver a safe and quality product to their citizens.”

The Silver Award for Project Development has been awarded to The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

The Awards Committee noted that the CAMH project excelled in its extensive plans to integrate new buildings with the surrounding community to create a more inclusive environment. In addition, the Committee members noted “the project required an enhanced contractural and risk allocation structure as a result of directly interfacing with existing CAMH facilities and with a P3 Project Company involved with an earlier phase of development.”




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