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Carillion buys remote site accommodation firm, Outland


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Price not to exceed $120M

Carillion Canada Inc. has purchased Outland, a leading provider of remote site accommodation and associated services in Canada, for a price not to exceed $120 million.

Outland provides a complete range of remote site services, including accommodation, camp management, catering, maintenance, housekeeping and tree planting to public and private sector customers across a wide range of industries, such as mining, utilities, forestry, oil and gas. Since their start in 1985, Outland has maintained a strong position in growth markets.  The existing senior management team, led by Simon Landy, David O’Connor and Jeff Taylor, who were also the major shareholders in Outland, will join Carillion and remain with the business.   

The acquisition complements the existing skills and capabilities of Carillion’s support services business in Canada and enhances our prospects for growth, in line with our strategy of further accelerating the development and growth of our support services activities for clients across Canada. 

“This investment in Outland is an important strategic step in Carillion’s growth and development, and their culture and capability are an excellent fit with our organization,” said  Carillion Canada President and Chief Executive Officer, Simon Buttery. “Outland brings complementary skills and knowledge and extends opportunities for growth in new markets across Canada.  We are pleased to welcome Outland’s 1,400 employees to the Carillion team.”  


“This agreement should open up some exciting opportunities for our staff and employees,” said Outland founder, Simon Landy. “From our start as a tree planting company, Outland has enjoyed great success and evolved steadily over the past 30 years.  Joining forces with Carillion should allow us to continue to grow well into the future. Carillion’s expertise in a wide range of areas will be a valuable resource for the Outland team and our customers.”  

The purchase will be paid in instalments, with the total dependent on the financial performance of Outland, but capped at $120 million. 

Carillion is one of Canada’s leading integrated support services companies, with extensive construction capabilities, a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and a sector-leading ability to deliver sustainable solutions. Carillion employs approximately 4,000 people in Canada and 40,000 worldwide, with established businesses in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and the Caribbean.  Carillion’s annual revenue is approximately $1 billion in Canada and $7.5 billion globally.


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