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Carbon tax devastates B.C.’s cement industry

May 14, 2014   By STAFF REPORT

The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) is again calling on the B.C. government to change how the carbon tax is applied to the cement sector.

Local producers have lost nearly a third of the market share to imports since the carbon tax began in 2008. Imported cement coming from the U.S. and Asia is exempt from carbon tax. This exemption creates an unfair advantage for foreign producers, having a negative impact on climate, the Jobs Plan and investment in B.C., according to CAC.

The B.C. cement industry, which consists of Lafarge Canada and Lehigh Hanson, has traditionally provided more than 2,000 jobs across B.C. Cement facilities in the province are now running at only 65 per cent of capacity, compared to five years ago when they were running at near full capacity.

“The cement industry wants to be part of the solution to climate change through equitable application of the carbon tax,” said Michael McSweeney, CAC’s president and CEO. “We continue to push the government to live up to its own Budget 2013 and B.C. Standing Committee on Finance recommendations to examine the carbon tax and address the devastating impact on the cement industry.”

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