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PEI government will invest $96M in priority infrastructure over the coming year

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The provincial government of Prince Edward Island, will invest more than $96 million to build and maintain schools, manors, hospitals and highways and other priority infrastructure over the coming year.

Prince Edward Island’s 2017-18 Capital Budget, which Finance Minister Allen Roach presented in the Legislature, is approximately $16 million higher than the current year’s capital budget.

“Our capital budget is consistent with our pledge to grow our economy, spend public dollars wisely and build sustained prosperity for all Islanders,” said Minister Roach. “Islanders have spoken about their priorities and our government has listened.”

The capital plan will continue the renovations at Three Oaks Senior High School and École La-Belle-Cloche for a total cost of nearly $25 million.


In the health system, the budget makes Investments of $26.7 million including:

• renovations to the dialysis and post-renal transplant programs at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital;

• construction of the Women’s Wellness Centre at the Prince County Hospital;

• construction to house the new linear accelerator at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital;

• $10.9 million for Riverview and Tyne Valley manors which will complete the manor replacement program; and

• funding to plan a new mental health facility which is the next step in implementing the new Mental Health and Addictions Strategy.

An investment of more than $46 million will improve approximately 109 kilometers of highways over the next year, including rerouting the Trans-Canada Highway around the town of Cornwall.

A forest fire truck replacement program will be introduced, with one truck expected to be replaced each year for the next five years.

“The capital plan is one more step forward in our commitment to improve the province’s infrastructure in areas that Islanders have identified as priorities,” Minister Roach said. “These investments represent the building blocks in our foundation for a more sustainable and prosperous Prince Edward Island.”


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