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Calgary’s Deerfoot Trail P3 plans cancelled

By Adam Freill   


Cost factors cited as reason for provincial rethink of its approach to Deerfoot Trail improvements.

While the P3 plan for improvements for Calgary’s Deerfoot Trail has been put on ice by Alberta Transportation, upgrades to the highway will move forward, explained the province’s minister of transportation, Prasad Panda, but as smaller projects.

“While the government is not going ahead with a P3 approach, we remain committed to making improvements to Alberta’s busiest highway and will move ahead with the necessary upgrades to help people get to their destinations safely and more efficiently,” he stated. “Current economic conditions have resulted in pricing volatility and historically high inflation in the construction industry, which means a P3 approach to Deerfoot Trail improvements is not economically viable.”

As Alberta’s busiest freeway, Deerfoot Trail is a key commuter route in Calgary. With the city doubling in population since its initial construction in the 1970s, improvements are needed to accommodate current and projected traffic demands, as well as improve safety along the route.

“We will focus on improving the most congested areas on the highway first to improve traffic flow and reduce travel times for commuters in the Calgary region,” said Panda. “Work is underway to identify the most critical areas for improvement that can be tendered and completed as quickly as possible.”





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