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Building Code changes adopted April 1 for Nova Scotia

April 5, 2017   Corinne Lynds

Nova Scotia is adopting changes to the National Building Code, which include increasing the maximum height of wooden residential buildings from four to six storeys.

The Fire Safety Act and Regulations will also be changed to enhance safety requirements for the taller wood buildings.

“These changes will align the provincial building code with the latest National Building Code standards,” said Zach Churchill, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “Allowing taller wooden buildings will open up new, sustainable opportunities for the forestry sector in our province.”

The province is also updating its own accessibility regulations to improve barrier-free provisions in washrooms, requirements for power door operators and barrier-free paths of travel.


“Nova Scotia’s accessibility requirements are stricter than the ones in the National Building Code,” said Churchill. “I want to thank the disability community for their feedback on the building code changes, which will improve barrier-free design in our province.”

The changes came into effect on April 1.

The province consulted on building code changes with representatives of persons with disabilities, the construction industry, building officials, and other industry groups. It was a complementary process to the ongoing Accessibility Act consultations.

For more information on the regulations, visit https://novascotia.ca/dma/firesafety/BuildingCode/.

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