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BKT extends Monster Jam partnership

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

OTR tire manufacturer and Feld Motor Sports celebrate 10 years of Monster Jam partnership with an extension to 2031.

(Photo courtesy of BKT)

Tire manufacturer BKT is extending its 10-year Monster Jam partnership with Feld Motor Sports until at least 2031. Since 2014, BKT has played a key role in supporting the extraordinary performance of Monster Jam trucks, which captivate spectators with car-crushing and high-flying action, including flips and spins, all on high-quality tires specifically designed to meet the challenges of the stunts and racing competitions.

Over the span of the 10-year-long cooperation between the companies, BKT has developed a series of competition-specific tires, pursuing a path of ongoing evolution. Each tire model has been continuously enhanced and optimized, culminating in the FL 354 pattern, the fourth tire generation specifically designed for Monster Jam. BKT has based the design on years of experience, feedback from Feld Entertainment and drivers in its ongoing commitment to innovation.

For these competition tires, the widths have been reduced by about 60 mm to make sure that there is enough space to avoid any contact with vehicle parts or any damages to the shock absorbers when the truck touches the ground after a stunt. To ensure better rolling, the tire shape has been more rounded while maintaining the same overall tire diameter. The tread depth has also been adjusted, with it increased in the central area for improved traction and durability.

In the version for Monster Jam, extra blocks have been added to the pattern in the support zone under the shoulder area to provide enhanced traction after the truck lands in a tilted condition.


The tires themselves are nearly 1.7 metres high and weigh 211 kilograms each. They are kept at an inflation pressure of about 1.6 bar (23 psi) to help with shock absorption when landing after jumps and stunts as well as increasing the footprint to improve traction and reduce slippage.

These innovative solutions, which have been originally designed for Monster Jam trucks to enhance their performance, provide research that help BKT optimize the performance of agricultural and industrial vehicles. What has been designed to meet the extreme challenges of Monster Jam competitions can now be adapted to improve tires that are used daily in all Off-Highway applications, says BKT.

“I am proud to say that our relentless commitment to research and development enables us to conceive and produce cutting-edge tires that are specifically designed for Monster Jam and also able to successfully tackle any challenge off the road,” explained Dilip Vaidya, BKT president and director of technology. “At BKT, it is a top priority making sure that our customers receive outstanding products of excellence. We constantly strive to exceed all expectations, providing tires that stand out for performance and reliability on any type of terrain and in any condition.”

“We are excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Feld Motor Sports and Monster Jam! For us, Monster Jam represents much more than just an event; it is an exciting adventure in the world of motorsports, where BKT is by the side of fans in every corner of the world,” added Rajiv Poddar, joint managing director of BKT. “We know that many of our customers love Monster Jam, and we share the same passion for adrenaline and fun.”





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