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Alberta pushing forward on Highway 3 twinning plans

By Adam Freill   

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Premier outlines provincial plans to twin the Highway 3 economic corridor between Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

The province of Alberta is exploring options to twin some 215 kilometres of Highway 3. The project, which was included in the government’s 2023 budget is heading into the request for proposals stage for the first of eight sections of the stretch. The remaining seven sections are at various stages of project readiness.

The aim, stated Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, is to have work on the first section start as early as next year.

“Alberta is focused on visionary province- and nation-building projects that support local businesses, secure people’s jobs and strengthen communities,” stated Smith. “Our economy relies on our highway network and the ability to connect Alberta to markets outside the province.”


“This will make travel safer, quicker and easier for everyone across southern Alberta,” added Devin Dreeshen, the provincial minister of transportation and economic corridors. “Shipping what we make has been a big problem for our province. Expanding Highway 3 will make it a lot easier for farmers and businesses here to get their products to buyers – whether they live in Alberta or anywhere in the world.”

The province says the project is being done in a phased approach to maintain cost effectiveness and to limit disruption to the people who live and work along the corridor.

Phase 1 is a 46-kilometre stretch between Taber and Burdett. Engineering design of phases 2 through 5 is expected to start in 2023, with the remaining 69 kilometres of phases 6, 7 and 8 are in earlier stages of progress.




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