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Alberta’s first net zero commercial building under construction

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April 15, 2014 by STAFF REPORT

Construction of Alberta’s first net zero commercial building, the Mosaic Centre, is underway in Edmonton. The goal is for the building to operate completely off the city’s energy grid by generating as much power as it consumes.

Architects plan to use a high-performance building envelope and minimal mechanical and electrical systems. Photovoltaic panels covering the majority of the roof will provide much of the electricity for the Centre, while a geothermal system will provide heat and cooling. Heat from the computer’s server room will be distributed throughout the building via a heat recovery system.

Designed by Edmonton-based Manasc Isaac Architects, construction of the 30,000 sq. ft. facility began in March and is slated for completion in May 2015.  When finished, the Mosaic Centre at 91st and Savaryn Drive in Edmonton will include offices, a childcare facility, wellness centre, lounge areas, game rooms and a restaurant.

The Mosaic Family of Companies says the new facility “will be a beautiful, environmentally sustainable, positive energy environment for building occupants, and members of the neighboring businesses and residential communities to enjoy and recharge in.”

In addition, Mosaic is openly sharing concepts, best practices and lessons learned in an effort to educate and inspire anyone interested in sustainable building practices. www.themosaiccentre.ca

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