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Alberta Construction Association “disappointed” by provincial budget

By Jillian Morgan   


Alberta Construction Association (ACA) said it was disappointed to see capital spending heavily impacted in the Government of Alberta 2018-19 Budget, released March 22.

The Capital Budget has been cut by $2.5 billion in the first year, with an additional $1 billion cut over the next 2 years, according to ACA.

“The government has been signalling the capital spending cut for a while now. In order to approach a balanced budget the government has cut spending on needed infrastructure,” said ACA Executive Director Ken Gibson.

The construction industry continues to deal with the consequences of a reduction in private investment during the downturn and public spending on capital projects has been a way to keep Albertans employed in our industry, the ACA stated.


The association said that with private investment forecast to remain weak, the industry might not recover in the next few years.

“This is a period when our industry is struggling and we depend on our public partners to help keep Albertans employed and provide the schools and other facilities needed by Albertans,” said Gibson. “80 per cent of our members are small businesses, which lack the resources to ride out a sustained downturn. Construction employs one in nine working Albertans. These cuts will be felt by Alberta families in every community across the Province.”



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