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Aecon maintains positive outlook at 2013 annual general meeting


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Aecon Group Inc. reaffirmed its positive outlook for 2013, announced two job appointments and elected its board of directors at the company’s annual general meeting in Toronto.

“We have made considerable progress in improving our margins through a continuous and relentless focus on execution,” said John Beck, chairman and CEO of Aecon. “Aecon has been built as a proudly Canadian company and we are confident that through our hard work Aecon will become Canada’s premier construction and infrastructure development company.”

Terrance McKibbon was appointed as president and chief operating officer of Aecon Group Inc. and Brian Tobin was appointed as lead director and vice-chairman of Aecon Group Inc.

McKibbon has been with Aecon since 1996, leading operations and bringing together its various business units to offer turnkey solutions to clients.


“Aecon has been in the process of transforming itself to offer an unparalleled suite of services in its three core market sectors: infrastructure, energy and mining,” said Beck. “Teri has been at the forefront of our focus on improving margins with a disciplined approach to bidding, project controls and risk management practices.”

Elected to the board of directors were chairman John Beck, Austin Beutel, Michael Butt, Anthony Franceschini, J.D. Hole, Rolf Kindbom, Brian Tobin, and Monica Sloan as the new director.


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