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World Cement Association to hold global conference in Dubai

By Adam Freill   

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Theme of the October event will be “Improving profitability in a time of multiple global crises.”

The World Cement Association (WCA) will hold its 6th Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Emirates Towers in Dubai, UAE, from October 24 to 25. The conference will be an opportunity for global industry leaders to come together and discuss the most pressing issues that the cement and wider hard-to-abate sector’s face, sharing expertise and shedding light on missed opportunities.

Event organizers say that this year’s theme, “Improving profitability in a time of multiple global crises,” will be a key point of discussion for cement industry stakeholders, as the sector continues to face several issues, such as rising energy prices, supply chain disruptions, increased market competition, and ever-increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

Attendees will be able to participate in a broad range of discussions and listen to presentations on improving cost efficiency, advances in new technologies targeting the reduction of energy intensity and CO2 emissions, new products and materials, changes in global market conditions, and many other topics.

“In the past year the cement and concrete industry has been severely affected by various external factors. As customer requirements are shifting and regulatory standards are evolving, innovations in digital technologies and opportunities to reduce clinker factor are showing particular promise in terms of helping tackle some of these issues,” said Ian Riley, CEO of WCA. “Coming together to learn about new innovations, discuss strategy and share best practices is more crucial than ever, which is why we have chosen this focus for this year’s annual conference to help the sector advance.”


Tickets to the event include admission to the two-day WCA Annual Conference, all sessions, refreshments and lunch, the exhibition, and Awards Gala Dinner with entertainment.




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