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Kryton opens new Calgary production facility

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Materials

Plant manufactures admixtures designed to increase concrete durability while reducing lifetime carbon emissions.

(Source: Kryton International Inc.)

Kryton International recently held a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alta. Operated by Cementec Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kryton, the plant replaces a structure had reached the end of its design life and was no longer able to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for the company’s building products.

Products manufactured at the plant include Hard-Cem, an integral hardening admixture that increases concrete resistance to abrasion and erosion; Con-Fume, which is widely used to add durability to concrete construction; and XL-Fume, which is used in mining and the oil and gas sector.

“These innovative materials, developed in Calgary, extend the service life of concrete structures and infrastructure while greatly reducing their carbon footprint, both in their construction and over their lifespan,” said president and CEO of Kryton, Kari Yuers. “These products appeal to designers and builders who are looking to build more sustainable, climate-resilient structures, and we are now exporting Hard-Cem beyond North America.”

Guests were offered guided tours of the new facility, which is itself sustainably built and incorporates the products produced there into its own construction. Designed to achieve 10 times the capacity of the old plant, the new plant is highly automated and is expected to deliver great gains in energy efficiency and productivity.







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