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Dufferin Concrete launches U-Track mobile app

June 11, 2014 STAFF REPORT

Dufferin Concrete, a division of Holcim Canada Inc., has launched a new mobile truck-tracking application. The app provides real-time information for customers by allowing them to review and track their concrete deliveries on their smartphone or tablet. “The app uses

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Building a stronger web presence

June 1, 2014 JACOB STOLLER

Contractors have been slow to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon, to the extent that the typical construction website looks like…well, a construction site. However, a new breed of construction companies, led by technology-savvy entrepreneurs, is changing the game, says

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Big Data coming to construction risk management

June 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

We often take for granted the impact information technology and the Internet has had on our ability to accurately collect and analyze data. Through technology the world has managed to capture 2.8 zettabytes (ZB) of data. And what’s even more

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Software Column: Site-friendly technology comes to Construct Canada

February 1, 2014 Jacob Stoller

Contractors aren’t reputed to be early adopters of IT. This might explain, at least partially, IT’s diminutive presence at Construct Canada in Toronto last December—amongst hundreds of booths, only a scattering featured IT products. Regulators, suppliers, and large clients, however,

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Big Spenders: Buying Equipment Online

February 1, 2014 Patrick Callan

A look at online buying trends in the construction industry

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Engaging the programming trade

October 1, 2013 by On-Site Magazine

If your enterprise software isn’t quite right for the job, maybe it’s time to consider customization

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e-Procurement is ready for the big time

August 1, 2013 Jacob Stoller

After years of discussion and preparation, government procurement is poised to become paperless; ending an era of sealed envelopes, couriered submissions, lock boxes, and yes, last-minute drives through rush-hour traffic to submit tender documents on time. “The Government of Canada

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Canadian chapter of buildingSMART International launches new website

June 21, 2013 Staff Report

As the use and implementation of building information modelling (BIM) continues to grow across Canada, buildingSMART Canada, a council of the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC), has launched a new website to provide accessible and pertinent information on the

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Edgy E-Newsletters: Best practices for commercial contractors

April 1, 2013 By Joe Dysart

Despite all the buzz over social media, email newsletters still remain extremely cost-effective tools for commercial contractors–tools that can create strong, emotional bonds with customers that are not easily severed. “It’s a key element of how we communicate not only

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Managing the risks of BYOD

April 1, 2013 Jacob Stoller

Life used to be simple. When a supervisor logged into the corporate network from a jobsite, it was on a company-owned mobile device, protected by the company’s IT security mechanisms. Today, thanks to the rapid rise of the bring-your-own device

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Invasion of the APPS

February 1, 2013 Jim Barnes

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are revolutionizing construction by simplifying communications and making time spent on the job site more productive. There have been exponential improvements in tablet technology since the first ones were introduced more than 20

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Cloud from the ground up

December 1, 2012 Jacob Stoller

As the phrase “moving to the cloud” suggests, cloud computing usually involves a migration of sorts where organizations incrementally shed elements of their IT infrastructure in favour of offerings from online providers. However, when Dennis Donovan and Steve Moore started

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buildingSMART alliance to collaborate with Canadian chapter on BIM Standards

November 26, 2012 Institute for BIM in Canada

OTTAWA, November 26, 2012 – In an effort to collaborate on the development of building information modeling (BIM) standards, the National Institute of Building Sciences buildingSMART alliance and buildingSMART Canada, a Council of the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC),

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EllisDon launches Uprising

October 29, 2012 On-Site staff

EllisDon has launched Uprising, a crowdsourcing platform that has the potential to revolutionize construction problem solving. Uprising was created by EllisDon to “push problem-solving beyond the boundaries of any one company and into the collective intelligence of the world’s brightest

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How to assess the real costs of your next software project

October 1, 2012 Jacob Stoller

It is ironic that construction companies that meticulously track their job expenditures often manage their own IT projects with little idea of the costs they are incurring. As a result, they frequently decide on acquisitions where the costs significantly outweigh

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Pimp your ride

August 1, 2012 Corinne Lynds

Machine control adds precision and versatility to compact equipment

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PCL launches new client-centered website

June 7, 2012 Andrew Snook

The PCL family of companies recently launched its new website, designed to offer a more user-friendly site with links to social media platforms; an easy-to-use careers section; a broad portfolio with more than 500 detailed project profiles and more. PCL

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6 procurement software tips and tricks

June 1, 2012 Jacob Stoller

No construction company would invest in a piece of heavy equipment without taking a careful look at its intended workload. When it comes to buying software to run the business, however, many forge ahead with little more than a rough

Cecilia Padilla was recently named the new president of On Center Software.
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On Center Software appoints new president

April 16, 2012 Andrew Snook

Cecilia Padilla has been named the new president of On Center Software. Padilla has been with the company since 2008, when she was hired for the role of vice-president. She played a vital role in introducing Digital Production Control patented

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eTools for concrete

April 12, 2012 Ross Monsour

The world is changing as fast as you can send an email. Technology is pushing the boundaries on accounting, social media, project management, cell phones, data transfer, maintenance and applications too numerous to mention. In order to keep abreast of these