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Leica rolls out new generation of iCON manual total stations

July 19, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

The next generation of Leica iCON manual total stations are now integrated with the field software Leica iCON build. The iCON iCB50 and iCB70 allow users to easily digitalise and embed BIM workflows in their construction processes. With an all-new

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PCL signs deal with drone firm 3DR in push to make use of flyers on more job sites

July 17, 2019 On-Site Staff

TORONTO—PCL job sites worldwide are poised to have more buzzing drones flying overhead as a result of a new corporate licensing agreement the contractor has signed with software firm 3DR. The builder said July 17 it’s signed a three-year partnership

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New CCA mentorship program connects innovators with contractors looking to test novel solutions

July 9, 2019 David Kennedy

Without the direct input of end users, innovations are often little more than solutions in search of problems

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Sidewalk releases grand vision for controversial Toronto development

June 25, 2019 Ian Bickis, The Canadian Press

Expanding on the project’s initial scope, the subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet has mapped out an elaborate urban development project that could cost $38 billion over the next 20 years

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Volvo CE launches Haul Assist for select models

June 24, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched its Haul Assist system for select articulated hauler models. The system comes standard on the A35G through A60H, and it optional on the A25G and A30G models. Haul Assist is integrated with the company’s On-Board

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Quebec-based Pomerleau aims to improve operations through new partnership with Procore

June 19, 2019 On-Site Staff

TORONTO—Pomerleau Inc. is looking to increase operational efficiencies and improve its construction processes through a new partnership with Procore Technologies Inc. The U.S.-based technology firm said June 19 that the Canadian contractor will use its construction management software to help

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Volvo teams up with tech firm Nvidia on autonomous trucks, construction equipment

June 18, 2019 On-Site Staff

GOTHENBURG, Sweden—With the market for automated vehicles continuing to gain traction, Volvo Group and U.S. tech firm Nvidia are teaming up on the development of the complex series of systems behind driverless trucks, construction equipment and public transport vehicles. The

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Q&A: Procore CEO Tooey Courtemanche on productivity, technology and the skilled labour gap

June 17, 2019 David Kennedy

On-Site sat down with the construction technology firm’s chief executive for his take on some of the biggest opportunities and challenges in Canadian construction

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Grade guidance technology available for John Deere 470G LC Excavator

June 13, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

The John Deere 470G LC Excavators are now equipped with grade guidance technology, developed in cooperation with Topcon Positioning Group. Equipped with a display in the operator station, the grade guidance system provides operators with the elevation and position of

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Playing the long game: Machine control developers cautiously build to full autonomy  

June 11, 2019 Jillian Morgan

Driverless machines won’t be moving dirt on job sites anytime soon. Before an armoury of fully autonomous equipment can work alongside crews, machine control developers at the helm admit there will be a few hurdles to jump. Though it may

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Getting ready to take off: New rules to consider when using drones on construction sites

June 11, 2019 Katherine Ayre and Adrienne Ho

Drones can be valuable, cost-effective tools on construction sites. Typically used to conduct aerial surveys or collect data, they can also carry bitumen printers and transport payloads across long distances. As of June 1, 2019, however, drones will be subject

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Industry 4.0: Embracing technology for asset performance certainty

June 10, 2019 David Bowcott

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and like every new iteration born out of the technology sector it has been given a future-forward moniker: Industry 4.0. Some believe the impact from this industrial revolution could be greater than the

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An ounce of prevention: Planning IT projects

June 8, 2019 Jacob Stoller

No contractor would show up on a job site with no plan or schedules, yet many embark on information technology projects with a very vague set of goals     It is often said that a problem well defined is

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Volvo CE Dig Assist Start, Load Assist available for select excavator, wheel loader models

June 7, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

Volvo Construction Equipment has made its Dig Assist Start system standard on  EC220E and EC480E excavator models. The company’s Load Assist system is now standard on the L150H to L260H wheel loader models. Dig Assist Start incorporates sensors and GNSS

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Topcon unveils real-time building construction verification tool

May 31, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

From Topcon Positioning Systems Inc., the GTL-1000 real-time verification solution, combined with ClearEdge3D Verity, is designed to speed up construction verification workflows. The robotic scanning solution includes the digital layout capabilities of a single operator controlled total station combined with

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John Deere unveils Connected Support system

May 22, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

John Deere Connected Support, enabled through the JDLink telematics connection, allows dealers to remotely monitor machines with Service ADVISOR Remote and Expert Alerts. Service ADVISOR Remote allows the dealer to diagnosis and repair a problem from a remote location. The

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Wagner Meters unveils Rapid RH L6 system for concrete moisture readings

May 22, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

The Rapid RH L6 system from Wagner Meters is capable of providing concrete moisture readings up to 100 per cent relative humidity (RH). In addition, each L6 sensor includes an onboard memory device capable of storing 512 time-stamped measurements. The system

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Trimble Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform available for ATI Level Best PD Series box blades

May 13, 2019 by On-Site Magazine

Trimble’s Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform is now available for ATI Level Best PD Series box blades. The platform is a 2D grade control solution for compact machine grading attachments that is designed to enable high-accuracy grading in a portable

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Pair of Canadian contractors win innovation awards at B2W Software user conference

April 29, 2019 On-Site Staff

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.—Two Toronto-based contractors are taking home innovation awards from the annual user conference of prominent American construction tech firm B2W Software. The New Hampshire-headquartered software firm handed two of its three Client Innovation Awards for 2019 to Priestly Demolition

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The view from above: Drone technology brings a new perspective to job sites

April 24, 2019 Jacob Stoller

Drivers may be frustrated with traffic disruptions related to two ongoing highway interchange projects in Saskatoon, but at least they’re not in the dark. Thanks to a series of narrated drone-created videos on the city’s website, they can view an