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Shortlisted companies to bid on St. Thomas Elgin hospital project

March 10, 2015 STAFF REPORT

Infrastructure Ontario and St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital have released a request for proposals to companies shortlisted to build and finance the hospital’s emergency, ambulatory and mental health redevelopment project. A request for qualifications process that began in August 2014

Project-specific insurance can reduce your risk
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Risk: Project-Specific Insurances

March 1, 2015 DAVID BOWCOTT

What are the right limits?

3Ps come with both advantages and challenges.
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Editorial: Pondering P3s

March 1, 2015 JIM BARNES

One thing is for sure: whenever this publi­cation covers a successful Public/Private Partnership project, we get a strong protest from the P3 naysayers. Just to clarify – no, I am not the starry-eyed mouthpiece of Big Infrastructure. P3s are one

The construction industries in the Middle East and Africa region are predicted to be the fastest growing in 2016-2020, overtaking the Asia-Pacific region, which held the top spot in 2011-2015.
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Global construction outlook is bright, Timetric predicts

February 27, 2015 STAFF REPORT

Middle East, Africa regions growing fastest

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Planning work begins on the Toronto East General Hospital tower project

February 10, 2015 STAFF REPORT

Includes 8-storey patient care tower, 3-storey addition, underground parking, existing building renos

Problems with document management are a major source of delays and overruns on construction projects
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Poor document management cause project delays: survey

February 5, 2015 STAFF REPORT

Problems with document management are a major source of delays and overruns on construction projects, according to a recent survey of contractors, architects and consulting engineers. “Documents are the principal mode of communication across the various trades and disciplines in

The billion dollar Hwy 407 eastward expansion in Ontario is in the home stretch
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Highway 407 Drives East

February 1, 2015 Jim Barnes

Billion-dollar Phase 1 extension will be complete this year

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What is the ideal procurement model?

February 1, 2015 David Bowcott

The debate continues…

Non-Residential building permit volume dropped across Canada in November, Statistics Canada reports
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Non-res building permit volumes drop in November: StatsCan

January 12, 2015 STAFF REPORT

Double digit monthly decreases in all ICI sectors

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Counter-party risk: Is there enough margin in the tank?

December 17, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

We are at a crossroads within the economy. On the one hand the U.S. is beginning to fire up. On the other hand China is starting to slowdown. Which path will the Canadian economy follow? Nobody can say for certain,

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Entire agreement clauses: You get what you bargain for


Contracting parties want at least two things in every case: certainty as to the terms of their agreement and assurance the agreement will be enforceable according to those terms. Where the parties have reduced their agreement to writing, they improve

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Breakthrough: Liquid surety precedence

October 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

A watershed moment within the performance security industry took place several weeks ago when the first liquid surety products were accepted by some lenders as a replacement for the previous liquid instrument of choice—the letter of credit (LC). For several

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Project risk matrix

September 24, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

Everybody has a risk matrix these days. Often every major stakeholder in a project will develop their own risk matrix in order to identify, quantify and treat risks. This tool is very helpful, as it ensures proper due diligence around

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Risk and capital: A paradigm shift for capital underwriting?

August 1, 2014 DAVID BOWCOTT

“We’ve always done it this way.” That statement represents the death of many a good idea. When the person questioning the way things are done hears those words, they often shrug their shoulders and simply go back to doing things

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Law column: defining risk in construction contracts


Beware of what you warrant

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Risk Column: It’s about the design

February 1, 2014 David Bowcott

Recently our construction and infrastructure team at Aon did some data mining in the area of project delays with a focus around Canadian P3 projects.  We’re lucky enough to have leading market share within the Canadian marketplace and that allows

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Is there a need to revamp surety capacity measures?

December 1, 2013 DAVID BOWCOTT

Vital to most contractors’ existence is access to security that guarantees their contractual obligations to their clients. These guarantees take the form of parental guarantees, holdbacks, letters of credit, surety bonds, EDC performance security guarantees, subcontractor default insurance, cash reserves,

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Planning for success

October 1, 2013 DAVID BOWCOTT

Why are we so anxious to get started on our key projects that we are willing to forgo strong planning practices that will almost certainly improve our chances for success? There’s a feeling that if we aren’t actually doing what

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Treating risk before and after

August 1, 2013 David Bowcott

Managing risk requires imagination and experience. In a lot of ways you’re trying to predict not only the future, but also all the steps you need to take prior, during and after a risk event occurs. This precognitive skill could

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Celebrating failure to manage risk

April 1, 2013 David Bowcott

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that