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News Law
April 13, 2020  

Ontario amends COVID-19 emergency order preventing contractors, suppliers from getting holdback

News Health & Safety Law
March 19, 2020  

No precedents put construction in ‘uncharted waters’ on force majeure clauses, coronavirus

feature Law
March 17, 2020  

Carrying out construction work in Québec: What you should know

feature Law
February 19, 2020  

Spoliation and the risk of remediation

News Construction Infrastructure Law
February 18, 2020  

Think before you sue: Lawsuits can disqualify bidders on new projects

News Law
January 28, 2020  

Supreme Court: Can a corporation be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment?

News Infrastructure Law
January 16, 2020  

Supreme Court dismisses B.C.’s appeal in Trans Mountain pipeline case

News Law
January 11, 2020  

Former SNC-Lavalin exec Sami Bebawi gets 8.5 years for fraud, corruption

News Construction Law
January 8, 2020  

UN racism committee calls for halt to construction on Site C, Trans Mountain and LNG pipeline

News Law
December 30, 2019  

Construction groups critical of Supreme Court dismissal of case tied to ‘reprisal clauses’

feature Law
December 16, 2019  

Supreme Court of Canada set to revisit the duty of honest performance of contracts

News Law
December 16, 2019  

Jury finds former SNC-Lavalin executive Sami Bebawi guilty on all charges, including fraud, corruption

News Infrastructure Law
November 23, 2019  

Federal law at heart of western anger up for debate as Liberals begin outreach

News Law
November 14, 2019  

New head of Quebec anti-corruption police admits to ‘failure,’ vows to do better

News Law
November 11, 2019  

What construction stakeholders need to know to navigate Ontario’s new adjudication regime

feature Law
October 7, 2019  

The ‘prevention principle’ in contracts – schedule extensions and liquidated damages