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News Green Construction
September 28, 2017  

Lethbridge College opens Trades Innovation Centre

News Construction Green Construction LEED
September 27, 2017  

CaGBC announces Greenest School in Canada winner

feature Concrete Construction Materials Green Construction
September 7, 2017  

Boehmers uses captured CO2 to make stronger concrete blocks

News Green Construction Infrastructure LEED
September 6, 2017  

Carbon pricing alone can’t meet Canada’s GHG emission reduction targets

News Construction Green Construction
September 5, 2017  

Canada’s existing buildings hold key to climate targets

News Green Construction Skills Development
August 17, 2017  

Report: Meeting Canada’s climate change goals will create a boom in construction jobs

News Green Construction
August 1, 2017  

Canada leads with more than 100 LEED v4 registrations

News Construction Green Construction LEED Skills Development
July 27, 2017  

Ontario’s first tall wood institutional building is to be constructed on the George Brown College campus

News Concrete Green Construction
July 25, 2017  

VIDEO: RDH senior building science specialist John Straube on the thermal performance of buildings

News Concrete Green Construction
July 4, 2017  

Government of Canada invests in Nova Scotia’s clean technology sector

News Green Construction Infrastructure
June 9, 2017  

PCA supports campaign to complete BC’s Site C Clean Energy Dam

News Green Construction
June 1, 2017  

CaGBC honours Canada’s green building leaders at 2017 Leadership Awards

News Green Construction
May 31, 2017  

Canada Green Building Council and Green Business Certification Inc. announce partnership

News Green Construction
May 30, 2017  

CaGBC launches Canada’s first Zero Carbon Building Standard

News Construction Green Construction
May 2, 2017  

PCL Construction joins Ontario’s Green Leaf Challenge

News Green Construction
May 1, 2017  

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. joins EllisDon’s Carbon Impact Initiative