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Manitoba bridge project finished

By Rob Blackstien   

Bridges Infrastructure

Replacement bridge over the Assiniboine River has been completed.

Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler has announced the completion of the construction of the replacement bridge for Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 1 (Trans-Canada Highway over the Assiniboine River, located east of Portage la Prairie.

“As part of our government’s commitment to invest in strategic infrastructure, replacement of the PTH 1 bridge over the Assiniboine River ensures this important route can remain open, even during high water events,” said Schuler.

He said the bridge was constructed to a higher design elevation — thereby helping facilitate traffic during high water times — and to national standards. The previous structure was built in 1966 and had surpassed its expected service life.

This project fell under Manitoba’s commitment to invest $1.5 billion over three years for roads, highways, bridges and flood protection.



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