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Construction starts on temporary replacement for collapsed bridge in Port Bruce, Ont.

By Jillian Morgan   


PORT BRUCE, Ont.—Construction is underway on a temporary span to replace Imperial Road bridge in Port Bruce, Ont., which collapsed late February after heavy rain and snowmelt flooded the region.

A gravel-filled dump truck was driving across the 54-year-old concrete structure when it gave way. While there were no injuries, the truck was stranded and partially submerged for four weeks.

Imperial Road bridge offered the only route over Catfish Creek, connecting the north and south sides of Port Bruce. A five-kilometre detour was put in place after its collapse, which Elgin County believes to have resulted from anchor rod failure.

Acrow Bridge was awarded the contract to furnish the replacement. It will be 54.8 metres long and 5.5 metres wide, and will feature an epoxy aggregate-coated steel deck and a CL-625 ONT Truck load rating.


Once the temporary structure is no longer required, it will be relocated to replace another single lane bridge in the county, to be determined at a future date.

Watch aerial footage of the collapsed bridge:


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