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On-Site magazine’s Top Contractors is a project dedicated to determining the leading construction contractors in Canada.

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Your uptime is precious. Don’t waste it on refuelling.
Wherever you're parked, we come to you—days, nights and weekends—and refuel your vehicles and equipment so they’re ready to go when yo...
Building trust is key to successful infrastructure projects
High performing infrastructure is an enabler for growth, prosperity and the well-being of citizens but lack of transparency can cause distru...
High-climbing silo repairs
Officials at a Canadian cement plant devised a unique plan for inspecting and repairing the plant’s storage silos. Rather than using tradi...

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From the editor: Bracing for a worker shortage
When waters start rising, prudent people shore up their levees.The Canadian construction ind...
Coming out swinging: Technology, telematics and less tail-swing top list of what’s new in crawler excavators
A broader range of applications and advancing technology are forcing manufacturers in the mid- t...
Cyber security in the digital age
The phrase “data security” has recently been replaced by “cyber security, ” but this isn...
How do you know when it’s really over? Types of “project complete”
Project wrap-up entails a variety of legal processes, including the release of contract and stat...
Under lock and key: Guarding job sites from thieves and thrill-seekers saves contractors down the line
Sprawling construction sites, swarming with workers during the day, but abundant in valuable too...
Connecting the dots between technology and capital
You may have noticed that a number of articles I’ve penned in the last year have had a strong ...


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