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Young Construction Group strives to improve community

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Ottawa – PCL’s members of Ottawa’s Young Construction Leaders (OYCL) were front and centre in choosing Christie Lake Camp in Perth, Ont., as the location where the group’s efforts were focused over the past year.
Nick Frauley, PCL project coordinator and former OYCL 2017 chairman; Brandon Lachapelle, PCL assistant superintendent and former OYCL 2016 chairman; and Josh McNicoll, PCL field coordinator and current OYCL member, donated their time to secure labour, materials, and manpower, for a September build. They additionally reached out to John DeVries, president of the Ottawa Construction Association, asking him to put out a call for support to OCA members, who responded with approximately $5,000 in donations.

The OYCL came together on the 19th of September to donate its time and resources for the Christie Lake camp. All the combined support and major teamwork resulted in a repaired deck, painting of 24 cabins, and two new roofs at the camp…all ahead of schedule.

“With Ottawa’s extreme weather this past year, we were fortunate for such great weather during the build,” said organizer Brandon Lachapelle from PCL. “We were even more fortunate to have such hardworking volunteers who helped the OCA and OYCL to complete another successful build. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who made this exciting project possible.”

OYCL comes together annually as a team to give back to the community, and provides a platform for the young members of the Ottawa Construction Association (OCA) to build relationships within the construction industry. This year the OYCL sat with Paul McCarney, senior vp of Tomlinson Group, to discuss where they would like to direct their time and resources for the 2017 year. McCarney has dedicated his passion, time, and a voice to Christie Lake Camp for many years.

Christie Lake Camp provides quality year-round community and camp programs to economically disadvantaged children and youth at no cost. Counsellors and administrators work to enrich the lives of children at the camp, and to help them develop physical, artistic, and social skills, positive attitudes, and personal qualities. The camp relies on donations, sponsorships, and volunteers from the community.



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