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Hilti laser offers high accuracy in all conditions

By On-Site Magazine   

Concrete Construction Equipment cordless tool laser rotating laser

The horizontal and slope Hilti Rotating laser PR 2-HS features shock absorbing head protection and innovative handles that provide cushion from 5-ft. tripod drops and 360 degree falls from 3 ft. With Hilti drop resistance technology, contractors receive an accuracy of +/- 0.02-in. from the PR 2-HS laser whether they are leveling formwork and pouring concrete, transferring and checking references, setting out slopes or performing excavation work.

Simple to use buttons makes the PR 2-HS laser extremely user friendly. And, the PR-2 HS laser is powered by the same 12V CPC battery platform as the Hilti’s A12 cordless tool line, reducing the number of accessories needed on the job. On a single charge, the PR 2-HS laser can run up to 16-hours, and Hilti lithium-ion batteries featuring CPC technology for superior power management can charge in as little as 35 minutes.


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