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Atlas Copco launches gas breaker with electronic fuel injection

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Atlas Copco breaker gas breaker


Atlas Copco’s PROi gas breaker with electronic fuel injection (EFI), offers significant benefits for users needing to break concrete, cut asphalt, tamp soil or drive ground rods. The Cobra PROi provides as much as 10 per cent more power than its predecessor, the PROe, at all working speeds, while optimal combustion reduces fuel consumption by as much as 10 per cent. Operators can start the breaker in almost any climate or at any altitude.

An integrated mechanical fuel pump employs a unique system that maintains constant pressure to the regulator without electricity. Atlas Copco also designed the PROi with a custom electronic fuel injection system that uses just 3 psi, 40 psi less than standard EFI systems. This approach minimizes pressure variations and voids in the fuel, ensuring smooth running. Starting the breaker is easy in any conditions; the Engine Control Unit activates during the first revolutions when the user pulls the starter cord.


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