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PCL reveals new dome at Saskatchewan Legislature

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New-SK-Legislature-Dome-NRRegina, Saskatchewan – At dusk on May 16, 2016, PCL Construction Management Inc. and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Central Services were proud to unveil the finished restoration of the copper dome on the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.
PCL Regina district manager Sean Hamelin said, “From the ground this is certainly an impressive building. Stately. Dignified. Emblematic. PCL is proud to be involved in this once-in-a-lifetime restoration of this iconic building.”

Since construction began in October 2012, more than 118,000 man-hours have been spent on the project. The work has been done by 450 workers from 25 different trade contractors, who were all dedicated to using their skills to restore this provincial showpiece.

“While many structures show their imperfections with age, closer scrutiny of this building revealed it had many architectural gems. Around every turn was a hand-carved gargoyle or rosette, or a hand-crafted copper ornament,” Hamelin said. “We realized it was our duty to safeguard this incredible turn-of-the-century work.”

More than 7,000 stone repairs were conducted, with 22,000 lb. of new stone installed. Award-winning local and international masons were brought in to perform the work.

“They applied the same skills, and even the same types of tools used during original construction, to restore this building to its original, shining condition,” Hamelin said.


Also of note is that approximately 28,000 lb. of copper were fastened to 57,000 lb. of wood backing to rebuild the dome. These materials were expertly designed and painstakingly fashioned to fit together and work as one. In June 2016, the scaffolding and steel structure will be taken down and the full glory of the dome will be visible by all. To learn more about the dome restoration, you can find details online here.


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