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The new Iqaluit Airport takes off!

By Bouygues Building Canada   

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In September 2013, the Nunavut government entrusted the Arctic Infrastructure Partners consortium, led by Bouygues Building Canada, with the extension and concession contract for Iqaluit airport. In a joint venture, Bouygues Building Canada and Sintra (Colas) carried out the design and construction of the new 10,000-m² terminal and a 4,500-m² service building, as well as completing the renovation and extension of 400,000m² of runways and car-parks.

After more than three years of work with alternating periods when the worksite advanced and periods of inactivity on account of extreme temperatures (below -40°C), Bouygues Building Canada teams have delivered the most northerly project in the Group’s history.

Iqaluit Airport: where innovation and environmentally friendly practices converge

The main innovation for the worksite was the creation of one of the largest systems of thermosyphons ever carried out, whose function is to limit the impact of heat (buildings, planes when landing…) on permafrost, ground that has been permanently frozen for thousands of years and is now jeopardised by global warming. The audacious cooling system led the project to apply for LEED Silver environmental certification, which is particularly difficult to obtain for this type of location.

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