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Government of Canada delivers more than $132.9M to B.C. for infrastructure projects

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Investing in infrastructure is vital to creating middle class jobs today and sustained economic growth for years to come. Modern, efficient community infrastructure contributes to a high quality of life by helping connect people to jobs, improve water systems, and support new business opportunities.

The Government of Canada has now provided British Columbia with more than $132.9 million for community infrastructure through the federal Gas Tax Fund (GTF), representing the first of two annual installments for 2016−17. In total, British Columbia will be provided with more than $265.9 million through the fund this year.

The two GTF installments for this year are in addition to funds made available to British Columbia under other existing programs and two new federal funding programs: the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund and the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. The latter are part of Phase 1 of the Government of Canada’s 10-year, $120-billion Investing in Canada plan.

“The federal Gas Tax Fund allows communities to direct federal dollars to their particular infrastructure priorities across a wide range of project categories. Whether a community needs to expand their recreational centre, repair roads, enhance a wastewater treatment system or make energy-saving upgrades to municipal buildings, this funding offers predictable, reliable and flexible support that reflects the federal government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure that makes a real difference in people’s lives at the local level,” said Amarjeet Sohi,
Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.


Quick Facts

  • The GTF has provided close to $2.3 billion for community infrastructure and planning projects in British Columbia since its introduction in 2005.
  • $2 billion is made available nationally each year through two installments.
  • The GTF provides Canadian municipalities with a permanent, predictable and indexed source of long-term funding.
  • It offers local communities the flexibility to make strategic investments across 18 different project categories, including roads and bridges, public transit, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and recreational facilities.
  • Communities can use the funds immediately for priority projects, bank the funds for later use, pool the dollars with other communities for shared infrastructure projects or use it to finance major infrastructure expenditures.
  • Phase 1 of Investing in Canada provides $11.9 billion in investments to support public transit systems, green infrastructure projects, and social infrastructure projects. Details on Phase 2 of Investing in Canada will be announced over the next months.
  • The GTF is administered in British Columbia by the Union of B.C. Municipalities in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.



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