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CM Labs delivers training innovation to OETIO with new Vortex Simulators

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Montreal, QC — CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, announced March 6, the OETIO (Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario) is modernizing its training classroom with next-generation Vortex simulators and instructor stations for operator training. OETIO operates two world-class training facilities in Canada, offering crane operator, heavy equipment, and construction safety training programs.

The simulators will enable as many as 120 apprentices to obtain additional training seat time prior to certification, in the first three years alone. This will dramatically reduce traditional on-the-job training time for these new operators.

The new training solutions include the immersive Vortex Advantage simulators, complete with motion platforms that simulate the feel of equipment at work. In addition, OETIO will leverage the Vortex Trainer, CM Labs’ compact new desktop training solution, to engage novices.

OETIO will deploy the complete construction training suite from CM Labs, including mobile crane, tower crane, boom truck, excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, and crawler crane operator training.


The training suite is complemented by CM Labs’ instructor stations, which allow trainers to directly manage simulators and student exercises. Instructors can select training scenarios, start the exercises, and introduce faults and weather conditions at any time. Instructors can also provide hand signals and record student performance in order to replay operations as well as highlight any aspect of trainee performance, from any vantage point. Other features of the training suite include crane set-up and pre-op inspection; tandem lifting; dragline, clamshell, and pile driving; night-time operations; and automatic trainee scoring.


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